The Different Types of Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are among the best doors that you can consider for your house. Wooden doors can be used as both external and interior doors. There is a broad range of such doors, constructed from ideal timber that will compliment any style of décor.The doors provide a great first impression of your house to visitors. Below are the most common types of wooden doors that you can select from.

Derby with Canterbury glass and Fleur de lys fittings

Oak Doors

Oak doors are superior types of doors which are always sourced to meet specific construction objectives. Oak doors can be used as external or internal doors. Regardless of their high prices, you will always find something that suits your needs. The oak doors with glasses are usually constructed with dowel joints where the horizontal rails meet the vertical rails.

Tuscany oakAlthough the doors can easily be cut into various heights, they must always stay within reasonable tolerances to help in maintaining the integrity of the door construction process. A qualified carpenter can easily adjust the width of the doors to align with the thickness of the doors oak lipping material. In most cases, the oak lipping will vary from 6mm thick on the long edges of the sides of the door to almost 20mm thick depending on the door manufacturer.

Mahogany Doors

Mahogany doors always look great in homes. It is the high-quality veneers that usually set the doors apart. In most cases, the Mahogany doors are typically used as external doors, but you can use them as interior doors as well. For many years, mahogany doors have always been created with solid sections which guarantee top security for you and your family.

However, the new trend in the industry has seen the Mahogany doors become veneered on a flax core construction or timber. Many mahogany doors are not dark in color as many people tend to think. Most of them are light and can easily be stained dark or waxed if they are to be used as interior doors. The mahogany exterior doors are mostly constructed with Mortice & Tenon Joints.

Pine Doors

Pine doors can provide both a traditional and modern feel of your home depending on where you fit them. Most of the pine doors are paneled doors with sturdy glass constructed from solid sections of timber. To provide more stability, most the doors are over veneered. The standard pine doors are usually 40mm thick. However, the 30-minute fire rated pine doors are usually 45mm thick. The doors are constructed with the traditional Mortice &Tenon joints which provide maximum security.