How To Choose A New Door

external doors

The doors you install at entrances in your house play several roles, not the least of which is keeping you, your family and your property safe. They also add to the aesthetics of your property, but you must choose a door that works best for your property. Getting it right is essential because a wrong choice means your door will not work in harmony with the overall structure and design of your house. Continue reading

The Different Types of Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are among the best doors that you can consider for your house. Wooden doors can be used as both external and interior doors. There is a broad range of such doors, constructed from ideal timber that will compliment any style of décor. The doors provide a great first impression of your house to visitors. Below are the most common types of wooden doors that you can select from.

Derby with Canterbury glass and Fleur de lys fittings

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Why Choose Oak Wood Doors?

The benefits of having oak wood doors

Bespoke oak wood doors

Stylish: as seen in a modern style, Oak doors can be effective.

As wood goes, there is nothing more elegant and traditional than the mighty Oak. It is a tree that is associated with all things English, olde worlde, and the National Trust logo. Or Sherwood Forest, where the old oak tree is associated with Robin Hood. Nothing reflects solidity better than oak wood doors.

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Why Go for Double Glazed Doors?

The benefits of wooden double glazed doors

Petworth oak double glazed door with natural finish

Wooden double glazed doors such as this Petworth oak one can resemble their older single glazed counterparts.

Double glazed doors: what’s the first thing you think about? Identikit white PVC-U varieties devoid of charm? The fact they are adorn many homes? You probably think that many PVC-U door look the same. Whether PVC-U or wooden, there are some common factors.

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Woman Banned from Knocking on Doors

Two-month suspended jail sentence for persistent door knocking

Door knocking image by Greentellect Studio (via Shutterstock).

A door knocker. Image by Greentellect Studio (via Shutterstock).

Do you remember playing Knock A Door Run? In this game, you tried to knock on as many doors without being caught. It is a prank which dates from the Victorian times. It is also known as Knock Down Ginger and (in North America) Nicky Nicky Nine Doors. Persistent door knocking can land you in trouble, and this happened to Claire Bowden of Shifnal, Shropshire.

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May The Automatic Doors Be With You

Toddler tries to open automatic doors in airport with Star Wars style ‘magic powers’

Automatic Doors by Dario Diament (via Shutterstock).

Indispensable in public buildings: automatic doors. Image by Dario Diament (via Shutterstock).

Automatic doors are a boon for any public building. From airport terminals to DIY stores, they enable us to carry heavy items to and from our cars. A revolutionary design which saves on manpower, as no-one needs to hold the door for you. For today’s post, we would like to share with you this humorous clip.

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