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Natural wood doors vs Solid engineered & veneered wooden doors

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Doors, we are often asked which is best: solid wooden doors or veneered wooden doors? Some people assume that solid wooden doors are better quality, but this is a myth and if you are a non-believer please read on.

Wooden Doors

Wood is a beautiful material (smell, look and feel), but it is complex and high maintenance. Wood is a natural product and it will shrink and swell according to humidity.

To achieve the best balance of stunning natural wood appearance and strong, durable performance, the best solution for doors is to use a strong and stable core that is then veneered.  Modern day timber mills use hydraulic hot presses and special adhesives that chemically bond timbers together to create very strong and stable doors; these techniques also enable them to use sustainable woods.

Some terms used for veneered wooden doors: LVL – Laminated Veneered Lumber, composite wooden door, solid core, engineered wooden door

Some people have a negative impression of veneered timber or just the term veneered, however if you take a look at the photos of doors on my site which are both veneered doors with a solid core then you’ll see that the most beautiful wooden doors are most likely of a veneered construction.

If you still need convincing why to choose an engineered wooden door rather than a solid timber door, please read on:

1. Environmentally friendly wooden doors

The manufacturing process of engineered doors means they are mainly constructed using sustainable materials, unlike solid doors. Also, the materials are used more efficiently due to the use of smaller composite parts.

2. Increased stability of doors

Engineered doors are less prone to warping, bowing, shrinking, expansion/contraction and twisting. This is due to the construction as an engineered door is made from a reinforced composition of materials. This provides the dual benefit of improved life of the engineered door and less maintenance.

3. More cost effective timber doors

Solid wood is expensive. Engineered doors are by far the most commonly sold type of door so they are more prolific in availability and they are generally cheaper than solid doors.

4. Flexibility indoor designs

As the most popular door type, engineered doors are typically available in a far greater range of options (sizes and door designs). There are also many bespoke/custom door options available within a short lead time.

5. Consistency of material with timber doors

The look and feel of a solid wood door can vary considerably – therefore, it is difficult to achieve consistency in quality and appearance. Veneered doors are more likely to be uniform in colour and texture providing an almost flawless appearance.

Now take an informed look at our beautiful range of veneered wooden doors, but please remember to look after your wooden door.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]