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May the Automatic Doors Be With You


Toddler tries to open automatic doors in airport with Star Wars style ‘magic powers’

Automatic Doors by Dario Diament (via Shutterstock).

Indispensable in public buildings: automatic doors. Image by Dario Diament (via Shutterstock).

Automatic doors are a boon for any public building. From airport terminals to DIY stores, they enable us to carry heavy items to and from our cars. A revolutionary design which saves on manpower, as no-one needs to hold the door for you. For today’s post, we would like to share with you this humorous clip.

Seen below, a toddler is trying to ‘open’ the automatic doors – in Star Wars fashion. His parents who filmed the clip encouraged him to recreate a scene from George Lucas’ film franchise.

The clip was posted on YouTube attracted many positive comments after being picked up by Storyful’s channel. It has also attracted the attention of the Daily Mail. Needless to say, the short clip should keep you amused for the best part of a minute.

But Wait… There’s More!

We also have another similar clip, picked out for you – again with a toddler trying to grasp the doors. Enjoy this one and “May The Doors Be With You!”

Doors in Colchester, 20 January 2017.