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Door Heights Across The Pond


How UK and US door heights compare amongst each other

Petworth oak double glazed door with natural finish

A wooden door, in a UK standard size.

If you have read our previous post on door sizes throughout the UK, you might like this one. In the previous article, we noted subtle differences in dimension on both sides of the Scottish border. This time, we take a look at how door heights differ on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the UK, the average door height is 6’6” with the average width being 2’6”. There is also metric sizes, used in Mainland Europe as well as the United Kingdom. On average, thickness is 1.37” (or 35mm). This is 1.8” (or 45mm) for fire doors. 6’8” tall doors are also available.

In the USA, the average height is 6’8”, though door heights of 6’6” are not unknown. Door widths can range from 12” to 48” depending whether they are part of double doors, or suitable for people with wheelchairs.

In Australia, taller doors are the norm. At 6’8” (2040mm), they are the same height as many US doors. Widths are similar too.

Doors in Colchester, 19 June 2017.