Door Fitting Services

  • Fast Clean Service – all in one service from Survey through to hoover up finish.
  • Changing a door can instantly improve the look of your home, and if you are not too confident about DIY or you don’t have the correct tools then our fitting service is an option that is well worth thinking about.
  • Standard door Sizes.

    Imperial             Metric

    • 24″ x 78″           610 x 1981      Internal doors only
    • 27″ x 78″           686 x 1981      Internal doors only
    • 30″ x 78             762 x 1981     External and Internal doors
    • 32″ x 80″           813 x 2032     External and Internal doors
    • 33″ x 78″           838 x 1981     External and Internal doors
    • 34″ x 82″           864 x 2083     External doors
    • 36″ x 78″            914 x 1981    External doors
    • 36″ x 84″           914 x 2134     External doors
    • Stand alone metric internal doors.
    • 526 x 2040 x 40
    • 626 x 2040 x 40
    • 726 x 2040 x 40
    • 826 x 2040 x 40
    • 926 x 2040 x 40

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Costs of Replacing a Front Door

All that you need to know about fitting a new front door including costs of materials, labour and time frames.

Front Door Replacement Cost

Your entrance door offers visitors the first impression of your house and it’s the first thing you see when you get home from work. If your entrance door isn’t working properly or it’s beginning to look shabby, then it’s time to consider replacing it.

The cost of replacing your front door is going to depend on the material used but you should expect to pay between £200-£500 for a standard door and up to £1400 to have one custom made.

If your front door is looking faded and grimy, then it may not be necessary to replace it, unless you are looking to change your home style, a fresh coat of paint can sometimes be enough to transform a wooden door, but a discoloured uPVC door can’t be painted.

If you’re having trouble opening and closing the door and/or there are large gaps between the frame and the door, then a good joiner can solve these problems, but if the door is warped; it will need changing sooner rather than later.

Below is the average cost of the door only (without installation prices), depending what type of material you want your door manufactured from.

Door Only Costs

You may choose to replace your front door yourself. Below are some costs for front doors for supply only.

Door Type Avg. Door Cost
Composite £520-£2,500
Oak £300-£1,800
Mahogany £300-£1,450
Pine £120-£1,100
Custom-made £1,000-£3,900

Door and Installation Costs

A trader will typically charge around £300 per day depending on your location.

Door Type Avg. Door & Installation Cost
Composite £670-£2,700
Oak £450-£2,000
Mahogany £450-£1,650
Pine £270-£1,300
Custom-made £1,075-£4,100

Additional Costs

The prices below are additional costs you may find when replacing a door.

Additional Cost Avg. Price
Extra finishes (e.g. woodgrain) £150
Double glazing £50
Triple glazing £100
Side panels £200
Door handle £25
Letterbox £20

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