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A Creative Use of Recycled Doors


How recycled doors form part of Stefaan De Croock’s portrait work

Recycled doors image by Lauryn Lukin (via Shutterstock).

Recycled doors Image by Lauryn Lukin (via Shutterstock).

Old wooden doors don’t always die. Some end up as bonfire wood or become coffee tables. In the early 1980s, their use was suggested as part of nuclear fallout shelters in the Protect and Survive booklet. Stefaan De Croock has a more unique way of repurposing recycled doors, and the results are awesome.

Stefaan De Croock is a Belgian artist. He specialises in turning disused doors into murals. Carefully selecting his recycled doors, his works are inspired by the Cubist art movement. His work can be seen on the sides of disused factories, on the fronts of houses, and along office blocks. If you go on his website, prepare to be astounded by his artwork, and the use of colour.

He trained as a graphic designer and has exhibitions in mainland Europe. He has posted some of his works on Vimeo. Here’s one of his latest clips.

Most of his murals are seen in and around Mechelen and brighten up otherwise dull backdrops. His flagship work was a mural for the Crystal Ship Arts Festival in Ostend.

If you like to see more of his work, Stefaan has his own website (Strook.eu) and an Instagram feed. If you fancy seeing his works in the flesh, Belgium is a nice Eurostar ride or a cheap flight away.

Doors in Colchester, 15 May 2017.