How To Choose A New Doorexternal doors

The doors you install at entrances in your house play several roles, not the least of which is keeping you, your family and your property safe. They also add to the aesthetics of your property, but you must choose a door that works best for your property. Getting it right is essential because a wrong choice means your door will not work in harmony with the overall structure and design of your house.
Finding the Right Doors in Essex

The abundance of DIY stores in various parts of the UK makes it convenient to find new doors, but you must know exactly the type of doors you are looking for. Working with a company like Doors in Colchester in choosing new doors in Essex could not be easier.

External Doors

External doors should provide a welcoming quality without compromising on security. Timber looks great on modern houses and solid wood styles work well on both traditional and contemporary homes. There are other common door materials depending on your personal taste. Timber doors come in a variety of colours and finishes while cedar can be finished in brown, ash, crimson or honey.

Various fitting options are available depending on your preferences and the size of your budget. If you have available space, you may choose to install glass panels at the top or the sides of your door to allow some light in. You can also choose door handles with either horizontal or vertical bars and if you want a touch of sophistication with the lock, there are precision locking systems for high end timber doors which allow keyless entry. External doors provide various levels of security, but you can enhance the security by installing anti-burglary devices and providing LED lighting to enhance night time surveillance.

Internal Doors

Internal doors contribute to the look and feel of the home interior. It is vital to undertake a home/doors survey as accurate measurement of each door size is essential for a good fit. After choosing your finish preference, a competent door fitting service is required to install locks, handles, linings and to administer wood treatment to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Fitting Services for Doors in Essex

More than 10 different standard sizes of internal and external doors are available for sale and insurance companies insist doors must have the correct hinges, handles and locks. What’s more, the doors must be painted to the exact specifications of the door manufacturers for their warranty to be valid.

The implication of all of these is that you need expert technical advice to find the right wooden doors for your property. If you live in Essex, then you are in luck because Doors in Colchester provide very professional internal and external door fitting services in addition to supplying exceptionally high quality doors at affordable prices.