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Why Go for Double Glazed Doors?


The benefits of wooden double glazed doors

Petworth oak double glazed door with natural finish

Wooden double glazed doors such as this Petworth oak one can resemble their older single glazed counterparts.

Double glazed doors: what’s the first thing you think about? Identikit white PVC-U varieties devoid of charm? The fact they are adorn many homes? You probably think that many PVC-U door look the same. Whether PVC-U or wooden, there are some common factors.

Both wooden and PVC-U doors cut noise pollution. Having a well insulated door should be as important as your choice of double glazed windows. Especially when you consider how much heat is lost through your door. Both kinds of door can help to save on your heating bills. This is thanks to improved insulation.

We at Doors in Colchester favour wooden doors. Our wooden double glazed doors ooze character. They have many of the same merits as PVC-U doors. The ‘off-the-peg’ varieties we offer are the Adoorable Oak and the Adoorable Hardwood doors. We also offer bespoke door sizes as well as standard sizes.

Where wooden doors have the edge on PVC-U is in its carbon footprint. Though PVC-U doors can help to reduce your carbon footprint, their production processes cancel out these benefits. The manufacture of PVC-U doors releases noxious gases into the atmosphere that can threaten our health. Six out of the fifteen most dangerous chemicals are used in their production.

Sourced from sustainably managed forests, wooden double glazed doors are by far the better option. As well as keeping your house warm, the production processes require fewer chemicals. Though wooden doors need coating, they add style to your home. Plus there’s a wealth of styles to choose from – some of which available on our website.

Whether you wish to opt for a standard size or a bespoke size wooden door, call us on 01206 512439 or 07771 690727. Alternatively, you can send us an email to chippydad321@ntlworld.com. We will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Doors in Colchester, 28 March 2017.