About Us

To some people a door is a door. Shut it, open it, there it is: a door, a piece of wood in the hole. But did you know there are over 10 different standard sizes for internal and external door? With hinges, locks and handles, have you chosen the correct ones to suit your insurance company? It is a daunting task for anyone, paying upfront delivery charges. Did you know that the door manufacturers warranty is only valid if the door is treated or painted to their exact recommendations?

replacing interior doors

Doors in Colchester is a relatively new business serving the people of Essex and Suffolk. Its main aim is to help you find the right wooden doors for your property. Unfortunately in this day and age, the big DIY stores are just too convenient, provided you know exactly what you want of course. Finding someone to help you in the store is a task in itself and to ask a slightly technical question might be a problem for them.

Door Construction

For many years now, the availability of raw materials has resulted in it being increasingly necessary for door manufacturers, importers and distributors to develop a more sustainable approach to the production of timber doors.  This has culminated in an increasing number of manufacturers producing doors using engineered components with a veneered and/or LVL facing.

Doors in Colchester work closely with our suppliers to ensure that this practice is executed in such a way that providing the doors are fully protected on all exposed/tooled parts from the climate and atmosphere using a suitable finishing product, you will enjoy many years of effective, enduring service from these technically superior products. Any products which remain as non-engineered construction, also require the same level of protection.