Installing a Fire Door

All you need to know about the installation of a fire door,  materials, labour and time frames.

Introduction to the Costs of Installing a Fire Door

Installing a fire door is a simple act that can save precious lives, belongings and homes – providing it is properly installed. If you are thinking about hanging a fire door, read this useful guide to learn about what you can expect if you decide to fit a fire door.

What is involved in installing a fire door?

With all of the tools that we have at our disposal to reduce the dangerous results of a fire, the installation of any fire door is a serious matter. A legal requirement in most commercial or accommodation premises and some larger homes – hanging a fire door is a job that must be done in order to stop fires spreading and keep multiple people and buildings safe. Not only you and yours, but the people and buildings that surround too.

What should you expect if you are planning to install a fire door? Fire doors are specially created to prevent fires spreading, so they must be fitted carefully and precisely to ensure that they perform at the optimum level in the event of a fire. Make sure that your fire door is certified and any ironmongery is compatible. You should receive documentation along with your fire door that includes fitting instructions.

How are fire doors fitted?

The fitting of your fire door will involve the attachment of the door frame and door, which must be checked to ensure that the levels and clearance meet the exacting requirements for the door and that the fire door fits within the frame properly. Next the door header will be secured and the gaps around the frame tightly packed with insulating material on every side. Finally the trims will be attached. Once hanging, a fire door safety check need to be carried out, to check that the door closes firmly onto the latch from any angle, all hinges are fitted robustly, there are no bits missing from the door etc.

This is more than the replacement of a standard door. This is distinctly a health and safety measure that could mean life or death, where your fire door will need to pass a fire door safety check. Therefore, you must ensure that the door is installed by an experienced tradesman that has done this many times before and has the documentation to prove it. Please see the FAQs below for further information.

What additional costs can arise from a fire door? During the fitting of your fire door, it is useful to be aware where additional costs could arise from; further work to the door frame to ensure that your fire door fits properly, any new door frames that may be required, additional tradespeople if necessary to enable the transportation of heavier, wooden fire doors or to physically lift and hang the fire door or the clean-up costs to remove the mess created during the installation. Clearly any additional work and changes will cause your final cost of fitting a fire door to rise, so it is useful to include these possible extras as considerations in your budgets and plans.

What is an average fire exit door cost?

The average cost of a fire door is typically between is around £90- £300, but may be more for more premium types. The fire door costs typically increase based on additional considerations, such as; their suitability for use as an ordinary use door, heavier doors for greater effect, smoke seals or other useful features. There may also be further material costs, depending on the level of renovation work that could be involved.