door finishes

Door Finishes

If your new internal doors are supplied unfinished, you will want to ensure that you choose a quality finishing product to maintain their long term appearance and performance.

There are numerous brands available on the market and we fear that some are formulated to achieve a low market price rather than quality.

If you are purchasing any unfinished doors from JB Kind, it is imperative that they are sealed on all faces and edges to help protect the guarantee.

Good quality solvent or acrylic finishes may be used, but check that they are suitable for use with timber laminates or veneers.  Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and avoid over applying the treatment, particularly the first coat.  If in doubt, consult a specialist Decorating Merchant.

For a perfect oak door finish

We strongly recommend the following finishing products that have been tested on our unfinished oak internal doors with excellent results.

Manns Premier Door Oil

Manns Premier Door Oil

All-in-one natural hard wax oil that dries to a natural clear matt finish.

Suitable for unfinished timber veneered doors.

Easy to apply and does not peel or flake.

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Manns Extra Tough Interior VarnishManns Extra Tough Interior Varnish

Clear, water based varnish that is available in 4 sheen levels.

Manufactured to achieve superior durability on interior wooden surfaces.

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How to oil an interior wooden door


Natural oils such as Danish Oil, tung oil and linseed oil are not suitable for use with any of our products.  These solutions are penetrating oils and are not suitable for use with veneered doors.  Please refer to our Essential Door Care & Maintenance Advice for more information